Our Offices:

Tokyo Office
Address : 1-11-5 Kotobuki, #201, Taitou-Ku, Tokyo
Phone : +81-(0)3-6802-8777
Fax : +81-(0)3-6802-8776

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About Our Services

  • Auto Import Export
    Auto Import & Export
    We specialized in Auto Import. We have over decades experience and had shipped more than 5,000 cars to Myanamr. Our Import service include Auction Service in Japan, Domestic Freight and all the paper work on both Japan and Myanmar. If you are thinking of getting cars for yourself, please let us know and we will help you from start to end.

  • Machinery Import Export
    Machinery Import & Export
    We also export the construction and heavy duty equipments from Japan. We have strong relationship with many local supplier and able to get many better condition machines, which are usually sold before it goes to auction.